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Free Upcoming CA Virtual MCLE

Free Online Virtual California MCLE Classes:
July 29, August 5, 12, 18, September 9
(Advance registration required. For CA MCLE Credit and to receive the program access link, email your name and CA Bar # to sflawlibrary@sfgov.org by noon the day before the program. Program link will be emailed.)

Wednesday, July 29, Noon to 1:00 Pacific
Lexis Virtual MCLE: Breached! An Inside Look At Cybersecurity For Law Firms
Presented by Stephan Shields, Lexis Nexis
1 Hour free Participatory CA MCLE Credit
Email name and CA Bar# to sflawlibrary@sfgov.org by Noon on 7/28/20
***Download Flyer Here***

With data security incidents and data breaches happening daily, it’s important for the legal world to turn its judges, attorneys, support staff, and interns towards one reality—it’s NOT IF a breach or incident will occur—it’s WHEN.
These incidents are forcing courts and lawmakers to address, define, and handle these new challenges—often presenting a “case of first impression.” However, as technology continues to advance and evolve, so do our professional legal requirements with respect to upholding our duties in advising and zealously advocating for our clients, while also tackling the burden of data security itself.

During this 60-minute CLE session, we will cover (1) the latest security threats in the news and what’s being done to address/remedy them, (2) explore current data breach laws, (3) how a lawyer’s professional duty may extend into new areas of technology and cyberspace, and (4) how to prepare a data incident response plan.

Learning Objectives-After completing this course, you will be able to:
• Know the latest cybersecurity threats the U.S. is facing,
• Understand how to maintain good ‘digital hygiene,’
• Distinguish a “data breach” from a “data incident,”
• What the legal framework surrounding data breaches look like? (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, GLBA),
• How law firms across the globe have been impacted by security breaches, and
• How to prepare a “data incident response plan” and putting together your own security team

Wednesday, August 5, Noon to 1:00 Pacific
Lexis Virtual MCLE: Leveraging Technology to Prepare Briefs
With Greater Efficiency and Accuracy
Presented by Stephan Shields, Lexis Nexis
1 Hour free Participatory CA MCLE Credit
Email name and CA Bar# to sflawlibrary@sfgov.org by Noon on 8/4/20
***Download Flyer Here***

This course focuses on the importance of accuracy and efficiency in the review and preparation of briefs and motions. In particular, it stresses an attorney’s duty of competence, which includes an obligation to accurately cite and quote legal authorities in the briefs presented to the courts, as well as the duty to cite only valid legal authorities and to disclose adverse authorities.

Wednesday, August 12, 1:00 to 2:00
Introduction to Legal Research with Fastcase 7
Presented by Ken Strickland-Garcia
Reference Attorney, Fastcase, Inc.
1 Houre Free General Participatory MCLE Credit  This is a repeat of the June 10 Program
Email name and CA Bar# to sflawlibrary@sfgov.org by Noon on 8/11/20
***Download Flyer Here***
Fastcase MCLE Materials – Presentation PDF
Fastcase MCLE Materials – Quick Reference Guide PDF

Fastcase MCLE Materials – User Guide PDF

This 1 hour MCLE program provided an introduction & overview of legal research on Fastcase 7 to help enhance your Fastcase experience. Access Fastcase for legal research through our homepage at: sflawlibrary.org

Ken Strickland-Garcia is your newest Fastcase reference attorney for the West Coast. Originally from Duck, NC in the Outer Banks, Ken now lives in Portland, OR. Ken received his law degree from the UNC Chapel-Hill School of Law and his Masters’ in Legal Education from Georgetown. Ken lives in the Pearl District of Downtown Portland with his dog Rocky and his perfect fiancé, Andres.

Tuesday, August 18, Noon to 1:00 Pacific
Lexis Virtual MCLE: Navigating The New Town Square:
Cultivating Competency in Basic Online Legal Research
Presented by Stephan Shields, Lexis Nexis
1 Hour free Participatory CA MCLE Credit – This is a repeat of the July 1 Program
Email name and CA Bar# to sflawlibrary@sfgov.org by Noon on 8/17/20
***Download Flyer Here***
***Download Course Description and Agenda Here***

Bill Gates once said, “The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” For attorneys and for all individuals, our lives, professionally and privately have expanded through the global power of the internet. The vast amount of information available and the many different platforms to obtain that information grow daily and have grown exponentially over the last 25 years. This information and technology impacts the way attorneys practice law. It also brings forth more issues and new laws that your clients may face. The many ways technology can aid attorneys in locating the best and most on point statutes, caselaw, secondary materials and all relevant materials can be overwhelming. The comments to the model rules of professional conduct governing attorneys state that to maintain competency a lawyer should keep abreast…[of] the benefits and risks associated with relevant technology. The goal of this course is to assist attorneys in navigating online legal research so they feel more confident and competent when researching subjects important to their work.
• Find out methods for conducting research with different full citations, and names of statutes.
• Gain an understanding of how online platforms have been enhanced to predict what you’re looking for.
• Ascertain the multiple ways to filter your searches before and after searching for specific terms.
• Discover different search term approaches: natural language and terms and connectors.
• Realize the many different ways you can analyze your search results list.
• Understand citator services in which cases and statutes can be validated.
• Organize and save items found conducting online legal research.

Wednesday, Sept 9, Noon to 1:00 Pacific
Lexis Virtual MCLE: Marijuana in The Workplace: An Update and a Look Forward
Presented by Stephan Shields, Lexis Nexis
1 Hour free Participatory CA MCLE Credit – This is a repeat of the June 18 Program
Email name and CA Bar # to sflawlibrary@sfgov.org by Noon on 9/8/20
***Download Flyer Here***
***Download Course Description Here***

Twenty three states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana in some form and a few more have decriminalized it. Four of these states and DC have legalized marijuana for recreational use as well as medical use. However, marijuana remains illegal under federal law and employers, regardless of whether or not marijuana is legal, likely will not want their employees using it at work. Please join me for this overview of current marijuana laws, trends in the medical industry, and insight into how changing times will likely impact our current, drug-free workplaces. During our session we will cover:
• Understanding the history of marijuana use
• Understanding the current legal framework surrounding marijuana and its potential volatility
• Examining the judicial trends of wrongful termination claims related to legalized marijuana usage
• Understanding current medical research and what may lie ahead
• Exploring the Complications of Determining Impairment
• Developing best practices for employers in this ever changing environment

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The San Francisco Law Library is a multiple activity MCLE provider approved by the State Bar of California

July 29 2020 Lexis Cybersecurity MCLE Flyer

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New Guide on Protests

What are your rights when it comes to protesting? Our newest COVID-19 Quick Guide, Protests and the Law, contains information and links to resources that can help you get started with your research on this topic. As these resources suggest, this is not always a question with an easy answer, but we hope this is a place to start.

Please contact the Law Library if you need further information: sfll.reference@sfgov.org. Also, visit our website for links to all of our legal WFH options and our Covid-19 Quick Guides.

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SFLL July E-Update

Read about upcoming Law Library virtual MCLE programs and updated virtual access in our latest E-Update.

July eUpdate

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The Law Library staff wishes everyone health and safety during this unprecedented time.