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San Francisco Law Library May Book Drive

Book Drive

Each month we will seek donors to purchase a new title for the Law Library. Here is our Wish List for the month of May. Growing our collection is about so much more than a single book—it is a living demonstration of how the Library expands the public’s access to justice and provides legal practitioners with the tools they need to represent members of our local community. Please see our Donation Guide for more ways to support the Law Library.

NCLC Fair Debt Collection

Fair Debt Collection
8th ed., 2014
Written by National Consumer Law Center
$150, Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-60248-147-3

SFLL Book Drive Donation

Thank you to Shannon Mauer of Duane Morris LLP!

The Lawyer’s Guide to Marketing on the Internet
4th ed., 2017
Written by Gregory H. Siskind and Deborah McMurray

To donate, please contact sflawlibrary@sfgov.org or call (415) 554-1791.  We appreciate your contribution!

Book Drive Donations

Thank you to John T. Hendricks for generously donating Out and About: The LGBT Experience in the Legal Profession, part of our September Book Drive.

Thank you to James Michel for generously donating The Oxford Handbook of the U.S. Constitution, part of our September Book Drive.

Thank you to Taylor Poynter for generously donating Collaborative Law: Achieving Effective Resolution in Divorce without Litigation, part of our November Book Drive.

Thank you to Shannon Miller at Duane Morris LLP for generously donating Point Taken, part of our January Book Drive.

Thank you to Vincent O’Gara for generously contributing toward the purchase of the Attorney’s Handbook of Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Reporting, part of our February Book Drive.

Thank you to Shannon Mauer at Duane Morris LLP for generously donating The Music Copyright Manual: The Definitive Guide to Music Copyright Law in the Digital Age, part of our March Book Drive.

Thank you for your support!

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Copyright Title Donated to Collection

New!  The Music Copyright Manual, by Jim Jesse, (generously donated to the Law Library by Shannon K. Mauer of Duane Morris LLP)

Written from the perspective of an attorney who is also a musician and songwriter, The Music Copyright Manual  is a practical introduction to copyright for the non-specialist and a jumping-off point to more expansive materials at the Law Library, such as Nimmer on Copyright. Topics include: why it’s important for music producers to know about the copyright principles covered, including the exclusive rights that come with a copyright, and the challenge of applying copyright principles in the digital age. The concluding chapters cover copyright infringement lawsuits from the plaintiff and defense perspectives, as well as damages and famous copyright cases.