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National Archives Releases JFK Assassination Records

If the date November 22, 1963 means something to you, then you might be interested to know that the National Archives has recently put out the first of several expected releases related to the JFK assassination. The JFK Assassination Records Collection, established in November 1992, consists of approximately five million pages of records culled from various Federal agencies, the majority of which have already been open in full and made public since the late 1990s. In addition to documents such as full FBI and CIA records, the Collection contains photographs, motion pictures, sound recordings, and artifacts. For now these documents are only available online, but you will be able to access the original paper records at a later date.

In accordance with the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992, these materials were previously withheld for 25 years, with the possibility of postponement if necessary. The 25 year mark for this collection is October 26, 2017, and some withheld and partially redacted documents are still in the process of being reviewed for release by this date. As of March 2017, no Federal agency has appealed a release of their documents.

To learn more about the Collection, you can visit the AOTUS Blog (blog of the Archivist of the United States) and the National Archives website. You can also download the files online: https://www.archives.gov/research/jfk/2017-release.

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