Podcast: Do You Have a Right to a Jury in a Civil Action in CA Courts?

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New! Listen to the Podcast – Do you have a right to a jury in a civil action in California Courts?
Presented by John R. Wierzbicki, Co-Director, Witkin Legal Institute, Recorded May 4, 2020
***Listen Here***
***Download Materials Here***

This is part one in a series on juries. More are coming soon.

Stream Virtual Classroom presentations, including the Unforseeable Circumstance “Force Majeure” Clauses audio podcast by the Witkin Legal Institute on the California County Law Libraries’ Website

About the Speaker: John R. Wierzbicki is co-director of the Witkin Legal Institute. B. E. Witkin founded the institute before he died to carry on his life’s work in producing Witkin’s California Library: Summary of California Law, 11th ed., California Procedure, 5th ed., California Criminal Law, 4th ed., and California Evidence, 5th ed. John heads the Institute’s educational activities and writes on the topics of constitutional law, contracts, civil trial practice, and taxation.

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