Free Lunchtime Program May 17 – Celebrating Human Greatness in the Law

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Thursday, May 17, 2018 – Noon to 1:15pm

May 17 John O_Grady Flyer ImageCelebrating Human Greatness in the Law

Presented by Attorney and Mediator John E. O’Grady

Celebrating Human Greatness in the Law is a group conversation about how the human spirit gets expressed in high conflict situations.  We share stories of times that greatness touched our lives, enriching each other with our memories and re-connecting with our own greatness.  Many of us will tell stories from our rich experience in our work as lawyers, mediators, paralegals, and legal workers. Get to know lawyers and others on the journey while being inspired to live and work fully in the moment.  When have you acted in greatness?   Have you seen others acting in the spirit of greatness?  Bring your stories. Our meeting will be facilitated by John O’Grady.  John guides people to navigate family conflicts about guardianship, aging, death, taxes, inheritance, and property rights while addressing the underlying conflicts, salvaging important relationships, and staying connected and in conversation for a lifetime. This end result is priceless.

John O’Grady is an estate planning lawyer and a mediator of inheritance battles.  He has been practicing in San Francisco for more than twenty-five years.  He served as the 2012 Chair of The Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Section of The Bar Association of San Francisco.

May 17 2018 Celebrating Greatness Flyer

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