Book Review: Cannabis Taxation

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Cannabis TaxationCannabis Taxation: Federal and State Tax Guidebook from CCH Tax Perspectives

We all know what comes next now that recreational cannabis is legal in California – taxes!  While California has decriminalized cannabis, and San Francisco will even retroactively expunge or reduce marijuana charges en masse, the Federal Government still lists cannabis as an illegal narcotic, leading to patchwork laws and uncertainty.  The Cannabis Taxation: Federal and State Tax Guidebook from CCH Tax Perspectives offers an overview of taxation issues in the burgeoning cannabis industry. This slim guidebook contains analysis of the federal taxation provisions, a state-by-state breakdown of the industry is taxed, and a sample client letter for tax professionals to use to reach out to clients. Tax and cannabis professionals can use this new title together with the Library’s other cannabis law resources, including Marijuana Law in a Nutshell, our Cannabis Law LibGuide, and the new California cannabis regulations.  And take a look at our Cannabis Regulations Reference Sheet below as well.

Reference Sheet for Cannabis Regulations

From BARCLAYS CALIFORNIA CODE OF REGULATIONS (also available here through Westlaw)

Register 2017, No. 49, dated December 8, 2017:

  • Volume 4, Title 3, Division 8 (“Cannabis Cultivation”): Pages 429-459
  • Volume 21A, Title 16, Division 42 (“Bureau of Cannabis Control”): Pages 555-601
  • Volume 22, Title 17, Division 1, Chapter 13 (“Manufactured Cannabis Safety”): Pages 248.20 – 248.44

Register 2017, No. 52, dated December 29, 2017:

  • Volume 23, Title 18 Public Revenues, State Board of Equalization, Business Tax: Chapter 8.7, Cannabis Tax Regulation, §§3700-3701, pp. 205-206

Register 2018, No. 1, dated January 5, 2018:

  • Volume 24, Title 18 Public Revenues, Division 4, Office of Tax Appeals, p.521-540 (see page 3 of the Digest of New Regulations for specifics for this new agency)
    • From the Digest:  “The Office of Tax Appeals (OTA) has adopted emergency regulations concerning appeals from actions taken by the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) or the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA). The OTA is an independent body created by the Taxpayer Transparency and Fairness Act of 2017. Its mission is to provide a fair, objective and timely process for appeals by California taxpayers. As of January 1, 2018, the OTA has sole jurisdiction over tax appeals arising from actions taken by the FTB and the CDTFA.”

Also see the 2018 pocket part for WEST’S ANNOTATED CALIFORNIA CODES in the last volume containing the Index for Business & Professions Code (v.5D), Food & Agriculture Code (v.31D) and the Health & Safety Code (v.41I)

  • The entry “cannabis” will refer you to “Drugs and Medicine” and within that to “Marijuana”

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