New LibGuide: Veterans Resources

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In anticipation of Veterans Day this Saturday, November 11, the Library has a new LibGuide: Veterans Resources.

Veterans law in the US can be traced back all the way to 1636 when the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony passed a law stating that soldiers disabled from the recent war with the Pequot Indians would be supported by the colony. Since then, the laws and support system for veterans have increased considerably to encompass rights and benefits including education, disability compensation, health care, and survivor benefits.

In this guide you will find resources and links to legal assistance for veterans. Read up on the governing law and policy, or take a look at self-help guides and benefits fact sheets. For those looking for legal help or attorneys interested in helping veterans, there are links to outreach groups, free legal clinics, and lawyer referral services, including VetLex. This site, a partnership between the ABA and the law firm Jones Day, will match veterans in need of pro bono legal services with attorneys. VetLex will launch on a pilot basis by Veterans Day 2017, and will become fully operational nationally by 2018.

We regularly update our research guides, so check back to see what’s new. And don’t forget to take a look at our other guides as well:


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