New LibGuide: Domestic Violence Resources

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Since 1987, October has been Domestic Violence Awareness Month. According to the California Courts, domestic violence is “abuse or threats of abuse” between two people (the person being abused and the abuser) who “are or have been in an intimate relationship (married or domestic partners, are dating or used to date, live or lived together, or have a child together).”  Abuse can also happen when both parties are related “by blood or marriage.”  Abuse doesn’t necessarily have to be physical, and includes verbal (spoken), emotional, or psychological abuse.

The Library has many resources, both online and in print, on domestic violence, including our newest research guide, Domestic Violence Resources:

Our new LibGuide gathers together the library’s print and electronic collection of materials dealing with domestic violence and related issues, as well as local community resources. Domestic Violence Resources contains information on obtaining restraining orders (whether domestic violence, civil harassment, or other), the laws related to domestic violence, relevant library materials, how to find legal help, and community resources such as local shelters.

We regularly update our research guides, so check back to see what’s new. And don’t forget to take a look at our other guides as well:

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