LexisAdvance Week: Tip #2

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Lexis Tip 2 –Set a Customized Start Page for your LexisAdvance Session

If you know you want to limit your research to a certain jurisdiction, such as California state materials, you can save time by setting  California (or your desired jurisdiction) as your start page for your entire session. Then, whenever you start a new search, you will start from the California page instead of the main LexisAdvance page.

First, from the LexisAdvance start page, select “State” (the third tab from the left)

Lexis Tip 2 Image 1

On the next screen, select California, or the jurisdiction that you will want to use as a default.

The next screen that will Show allows you to select the California (or preferred jurisdiction) Practice Center. Select it (on the right, below the Green text)

Lexis Tip 2 Image 2

The next screen, below, is the California Practice Center. To make this your default page when you want to start a new search…

Lexis Tip 2 Image 3

Select Actions (the red drop down menu heading, above.)

Then click on the first option: “Make this my research start page.”

This can save you time for the remainder of your session if you know you only want to search a specific jurisdiction.

Tomorrow: Tip # 3

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