1.5 Hours Free Participatory MCLE on February 9

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PDF iconThursday, February 9, 2017, Noon to 1:30pm, Moskovitz and Stein on Writing Winning Appeals and Writs
Co-sponsored with CEB Logo
Presented by Myron Moskovitz and Court of Appeal Justice William Stein (Ret.)
1.5 Hours of free participatory MCLE Credit in person at the SF Law Library, including 1.5 hours in Appellate Practice and 1.5 hours in Writ Practice Specialization
Also available via WebEx live stream by CEB

Attorneys who think strategically and creatively when writing an appellate brief or a petition for writ significantly boost their chances of winning.  Appellate expert Myron Moskovitz and retired Court of Appeal Justice William Stein provide practical insights and real-life lessons to help you better your position.  Learn how to craft legal arguments that will engage and persuade an appellate justice to rule in your client’s favor.

You will learn how to:

  • Evaluate which issues are worth appealing or petitioning for writAdvise your client on whether to appeal or file a writ
  • Write to persuade an appellate justice
  • Change your way of thinking as you draft
  • Use new, practical tools in your writing approach
  • Assess your legal arguments strategically
  • Apply your strategy consistently
  • Use techniques designed to change the justice’s mind at oral argument

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